Information About How Many Calories Are In Apple Pie

Due to popular demand, we have the calories per serving listed for every recipe located throughout our whole website. A friend of mine is a nutritionist, so with her help I calculated the figures not just for calories per serving, but also with grams of fat per serving. You can trust these figures, as they are all accurate. If you have a question related to the calorie level in any particular recipe, or if you are looking for ideas on how to lower the calorie level for a certain recipe, then please feel free to send us an email. If any of the nutrition or calorie related questions are too difficult for us to answer directly, then I will consult with my nutritionist contact for more information. Unfortunately at this time we don't list any information beyond calories and grams of fat per serving, though we might expand on that at a later date.

How to Reduce Calories

If you are interested in trimming off calories from any particular recipe, then the first thing that you are going to want to do is trim down on the called for sugar proportions. I personally don't really like sugar free apple pie, but I have tasted some excellent low sugar low calorie variations. Another way to lessen the calorie load, is to create your own pie crust from scratch, that way you can regulate exactly what goes into it. Most premade store bought pie crust pastries have lots of added sugar, and are usually quite high in calories. If however you create your own crust, then you can just skip out on the sugar completely, and in most cases sugar free pie crust tastes great. One more way to cut back on calories, is to limit the amount of butter or flour that go into the mixture. Both butter and white all purpose baking flour can be very high in calories.

If for health or dieting reasons you need to cut out as many calories as possible, you can always replace any sugar or honey ingredients with a sugar free syrup. There are many delicious sugar free syrup brands available, and in some cases you can hardly taste the difference between them and syrup containing real sugar. Both Monin and Torani have numerous different sugar free syrup flavors, meaning you can really bring a sugar free apple pie to life. Another way to go all out in calorie reduction, is to bake a crustless apple pie. We have many crustless apple pie recipes throughout our website, so do be sure to check those out. Crustless pies are generally much lower in calories, and can generally be slightly healthier. And lastly, you can simply eat regular sweet apple pie, but just eat a very small slice of it.

Perhaps the Key is Moderation!

I used to be a calorie counting fanatic, but I finally quit doing that because it really takes the joy out of eating, and as we know eating can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. The key to healthy living isn't counting calories, it's eating dessert foods in moderation, regularly eating balanced meals, and getting plenty of exercise. I have found that by simply eating apple pie in moderation, even around the holidays, I don't gain weight, and thus don't have the need to obsess about my intake levels. I believe that apple pie is really for pure enjoyment, with the added bonus of course being that it does contain fruit. But obviously people don't eat apple pie because it's healthy, they eat it because it's delicious. We appreciate you checking out this brief article. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Response time to inquires is one business day.