How To Make Apple Pie

Before I launched this website, the most common recipe or baking related question that I would hear from family and friends, was how to make apple pie. Obviously since this website has now officially launched, and all of my friends and family have the site bookmarked, you would think that I wouldn't hear that question anymore. Well guess what, now I still receive the same volume of questions from the same people, and now they want to know how to make the best apple pie. So this article is a response to all of those telephone calls and emails I receive all throughout the day. Guess what folks, there isn't any particular best way to make an apple pie. As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, such is true with regard to apple pie as well. When baking an apple pie, let your taste preferences guide you through the process, along with a little patience.

Rule 1 for Great Apple Pie:

The first rule in creating an amazing apple pie, is to have a tried and tested simple apple pie recipe that you trust. Once you have that base recipe locked down, you can then use it as a testing field for making apple pie recipe variations. For example, on any particular day you may have a craving for not just sweet warm apple pie, but you might also have a craving for chocolate as well. So using the simple apple pie recipe, scale down on the sugar a little, and then substitute that with chocolate syrup, or chocolate chips which will melt once baked. This creation process is often how some of my best apple pies turn out, and I have really gone crazy with off the beaten path ingredients over the years. I have added peanut butter, grated carrots, mozzarella cheese, watermelon rind, and even cucumbers to my apple pie. So go off the deep end with the ingredients, don't be afraid.

Rule 2 for Delicious Apple Pie:

The second rule to creating an amazing apple pie, is patience. I know things can get a little hectic around the kitchen sometimes, especially if you are short on time. These rushed or stressed atmospheres are usually poor creative environments, regardless of how common they are to all of us. However to create an excellent apple pie or apple pie variation, you will need patience. Many apple pie recipes might turn out good on the first try, but with a little fine tuning and patience, your second round of the same recipe will usually hit the mark exactly. Not everyone likes cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, or even certain types of apples, so creating the perfect apple pie usually requires taking a few shots at it. So when you feel some baking creativity coming on, try and carve out a little free time to yourself, and really put your heart into the dessert.

Rule 3 for Creating an Amazing Apple Pie:

The last element to creating the best apple pie, is the ingredients. Fresh ingredients are always a must, as even old or outdated cinnamon or nutmeg can ruin an entire recipe. So when you are baking, always take note of the expiration date on your spices and other ingredients. I also like to go out of my way to only purchase quality ingredients, avoiding generic brands that generally taste worse. The same goes with apples, as apples that aren't particularly good tasting fresh, will still probably not taste well in a pie, despite being glazed with sugary syrup. So when you are picking apples, take a bite out of one first, to make sure that is the flavor you want in your pie. Also never used bruised apples when creating a pie, as that is the perfect way to scare away anyone who might have otherwise eaten a slice.