Granny Smith Apple Pie


1 Premade Double Crust Pie Pastry

7 Cups Of Fresh Chopped Skinless Granny Smith Apples

2 Tablespoons Of Fresh Squeezed Pineapple Juice

1/4 Cup Of Cold Salted Butter

2 Teaspoons Of Freshly Ground Cinnamon

1/2 Teaspoon Of Freshly Ground Nutmeg

1 Pinch Of Freshly Ground Cloves

1 Teaspoon Of Organic Vanilla Extract

3 Tablespoons Of Whole Wheat Baking Flour

1/3 Cup Of Organic Bees Honey

1 Cup Of Dark Brown Sugar

1 Large Fresh Whole Beaten Egg

1 Teaspoon Of C&H Powdered Sugar


Nutritional Information:

Serving Size 8

495 Calories Per Serving

15 Grams Of Fat


Preparation Instructions:

Many thanks to Xander from Brooklyn, New York for submitting this amazing Granny Smith apple pie recipe.

To get started, please preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 175 degrees Celsius.

Next take out a nine inch pie dish, and fit in it the pie shell pastry bottom, making sure there is some overlap.

Next take out a solid saucepan, and then add in the fresh chopped skinless Granny Smith apples, fresh squeezed pineapple juice, fresh ground cinnamon, freshly ground nutmeg, freshly ground cloves, organic vanilla extract, whole wheat baking flour, organic bees honey, and dark brown sugar. Bring these contents to a boil while stirring continuously, then reset the heat to low, place a lid over the filling mixture, and let it simmer for ten minutes. Once the apples are nice and tender and you have an even syrup, remove the apple pie filling from the burner, and let it cool for at least five minutes. Once cooled, pour the filling into the pie dish, then level it out using a spoon. Next drop chunks of the cold salted butter into the pie filling. You will now want to bind the bottom pie crust pastry with the top layer, fluting them both together so that you have a tight seal. Next cut several small slits into the top pastry layer, as your pie will need to be able to breath. Finally you will want to glaze the top crust layer with the large fresh whole beaten egg, and the teaspoon of powdered sugar.

Slide your Granny Smith apple pie into the oven to bake for forty five minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.