How To Make The Best Holiday Apple Pies

Although apple pie is a popular dessert dish year round, it's particularly popular around the holiday season. If you're an American, then you probably have fond memories of eating apple pie around Thanksgiving or Christmas. In this brief article, we'll help you create the best apple pie by using a few simple ideas. Although regular classic apple pie is always delicious, you can really make a pie explode with life by accenting it with some traditional holiday foods. For example around Christmas time I like to make cranberry sauce apple pie, which is a family favorite. During Thanksgiving, I like to create my famous pumpkin apple pie recipe, which is a great way to combine two America pie classics. I think the best apple pies aren't just the pies that taste the best, they're the ones that your friends and family won't forget.

Hallowe'en Apple Pies

With regard to Halloween apple pies, there are many unique and creative ways to create a pie that is guaranteed to be the life of the party. The most obvious way to accent a Halloween apple pie, is by adding candy to it. I have created pies that contained M&Ms, Snickers bites, mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, jelly beans, chocolate covered peanuts, toffee, caramel squares, and even sour gummi worms. The trick is to get your proportions correct, so you might have to do a test run before hand, just to make sure the recipe tastes great. What you can do is section your test pie with different candy proportions per slice, that way you can do a taste test and judge which candy to filling ratio you like the best. So the next time Halloween rolls up, be sure to try out some candy in your apple pie, and give your kids a treat they won't forget.

Thanksgiving Apple Pies

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are tons of ways to incorporate traditional foods into your apple pie. I have created apple pie that contains butternut squash, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, and for the extremely daring, even roast turkey. A few years ago, a friend of mine created an apple pie with shredded roast turkey within the filling, and I was absolutely amazed when I got around to trying it. Once I polish up the recipe, I will definitely add it here to the recipe database for everyone to enjoy. Again with regard to off the beaten path Thanksgiving apple pies, the best thing to do is create a test pie or two, so that you can try out your new ideas without feeling the pressure of serving it to your holiday guests on the first try. If after testing your pie you still aren't sure if people will like it, then make both a traditional apple pie, and a more creative variety.

Christmas Apple Pies

Christmas is definitely apple pie season, so this year try something new. Instead of serving up your traditional apple pie recipe, try accenting your pie filling with with apple cider, peanut brittle, or chocolate fudge. With regard to making a Christmas themed apple pie crust, try making a gingerbread or sugar cookie crust. For topping ideas, try honey baked ham chunks, roasted chestnuts, or crushed pecans. Many of these holiday themed recipes are included in our recipe database, so be sure to look through it for ideas. All of our recipes are tried and tested, though as mentioned above, you might want to give any of our pies a test run before serving them to guests or visitors. Being able to taste the pie beforehand will give you an idea of whether or not it's right for any particular party, especially if you know what your guests like and dislike.

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