Apple Pie Muffins


2 Cups Of Fresh Skinless Chopped Green Apples

1 Cup Of Fresh Cold Buttermilk

2 2/3 Cups Of White All Purpose Baking Flour

1 Teaspoon Of Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract

2 Cups Of Firmly Packed C&H Brown Pure Cane Sugar

1 Teaspoon Of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

3/4 Cup Of Real Unsalted Melted Butter

1/2 Teaspoon Of Fine Ground Table Salt

1 Large Fresh Whole Egg

1 Teaspoon Of Fresh Ground Cinnamon


Nutritional Information:

Serving Size 12

320 Calories Per Serving

11 Grams Of Fat


Preparation Instructions:

To get started with this recipe, please preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or 190 degrees Celsius.

Next you will want to take out a twelve cup muffin tin, and then grease it thoroughly. Once greased, line it with standard paper muffin cups.

Next take out a large mixing bowl, and then add in two and one quarter cups of white all purpose baking flour, baking soda, and the fine ground table salt. Stir these ingredients together until you have an even mixture. Moving along, next take out a small mixing bowl, and then add in the large fresh whole egg, fresh cold buttermilk, half a cup of melted butter, pure Mexican vanilla extract, and one and a half cups of brown sugar. Stir this batch of ingredients together thoroughly, then pour it into the first mixing bowl that contains the flour. Next stir in the fresh skinless chopped green apples until the muffin batter is very even and consistent. You are now ready to fill your muffin cups with the muffin batter all the way to the top.

Next take out another small mixing bowl, and then mix together half a cup of brown sugar, one third cup of white all purpose baking flour, and the fresh ground cinnamon. Once done there, spoon in two tablespoons of melted butter, stirring until the mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle this crumbly topping over the top of each muffin cup.

You are now ready to bake your muffins, so slide them into the oven for twenty five minutes, or until they are lightly golden and the dough is springy.