The Benefits Of Making Apple Pie Filling Separately

There are many benefits to whipping up a batch of apple pie filling separately from the pie crust or remainder of the pie. For example, I will often make a batch of apple pie filling before work, then refrigerate the filling until I get back home from work, at which point I will complete the whole pie. Another reason to create the pie filling separately, is for long term storage. If you know that you will be creating several apple pies or more all in a short period of time, then it is time efficient to create a bulk amount of filling that you can freeze and then only use the amount you need for any particular day, yet still have more leftover for another pie. So when you are creating an apple pie, don't always feel obligated to create the whole pie in one pass, as many people stage the creation process which is perfectly normal.

Easy Filling Idea 1

One really easy way to create an apple pie filling, is to place all of the filling ingredients into a saucepan, and then heat them until a thick filling forms. The advantage to cooking your filling separate from the pie, is that it will obviously reduce the amount of time that you will have to bake your pie for. If you have a quick bake crust or very thin crust, then obviously you will always want to precook your apple pie filling in a saucepan before hand, that way you can limit your overall baking time to twenty minutes or even less. Another reason to precook your apple pie filling, is to thicken the filling and remove any excess water or moisture from your apples. If you have really juicy apples, sometimes a little water will collect inside of your pie if you do not cook the filling before hand. So do give this method a try if your situation fits any of the above scenarios.

Easy Filling Idea 2

Another easy way to create an apple pie filling, is to toss and mix all of your filling ingredients together using a mixing bowl, and then leave them stored in the mixing bowl until you are ready to spoon them into your pie. This is probably the easiest creation method, however without cooking the apple pie filling before hand, you won't get to regulate the filling's thickness as much. In cases where I don't cook the filling in a saucepan before hand, I will usually add extra sugar and white all purpose baking flour to the filling mixture, just to make sure that I know it will be thick enough once baked. Probably one of easiest ways to ruin an apple pie, is to have it come out with the filling being too runny and not thick enough. However once you have your filling proportions down to a science, then you won't have to precook it first, as you can be certain how it will turn out after being baked.

Even More Benefits!

And the last benefit of making apple pie filling separately, is that you can either freeze or can it for later use. Freezing apple pie filling will generally keep it fresh for several weeks, whereas canning it can keep it fresh for many months. If you own a bakery, or cook for a large family, then freezing or canning apple pie filling is extremely convenient, as opposed to creating it from scratch every time you want to bake a pie. With regard to freezing it, you can use any freezer proof container or freezer bag. Canning it doesn't require any special jars, just regularly canning jars will do just fine. If you are interested in frozen or canned apple pie filling recipes, then please be sure to check out our recipe database, as we have tons of apple pie filling recipes to choose from. We appreciate you taking the time to read through this article, don't forget to bookmark our website for future use.