Apple Pie Crust


3 Cups Of White All Purpose Baking Flour

3 Tablespoons Of Superfine White Sugar

1/3 Cup Of Fresh Ice Water

1 Cup Of Cold Salted Real Butter



Serving Size 16

200 Calories Per Serving

12 Grams Of Fat


Preparation Instructions:

The first step in this apple pie crust recipe, is you will need to take out a large mixing bowl.

Next add into the bowl the white all purpose baking flour and superfine white sugar, then mix these ingredients together using an electric mixer. Next cut your cold unsalted real butter into tablespoon size pieces. Drop the butter pieces into the flour and sugar mixture, then use a paddle beater to mix the flour and butter together. Next turn on your electric mixer to low speed, and begin stirring in the cold ice water. Blend all of your ingredients together until the dough begins to clump, then immediately stop mixing.

Moving along, next you will want to knead the pie crust dough into a ball. Lastly you will want to divide it into two parts, then flatten each piece into a disk like shape. Once you are done there, slide both of the pie crust pieces into the refrigerator to chill for roughly half an hour before you begin the rolling process.

This pie crust can be used for apple pie, blueberry pie, rhubarb pie, meat pie, chicken pot pie, and many others. We hope you enjoyed the recipe.