Apple Pie Baking Contest

Many of the apple pie based recipes featured on this website were originally created for an apple pie baking contest that was held at some point or another. Pie baking contests are extremely popular across the United States, with some even featuring cash rewards for the top three finalists. However when it comes to small local or church based contests, they are mostly about socializing and recipe swapping than any form of a prize. If you have never been to a pie or apple pie baking contest, then you are really missing out on some fun. Many of the pies will feature wild and crazy ingredients, in an attempt to stand above the rest. In some cases the judges will receive a round of pies, and then another separate round will be served to guests and visitors of the contest, making it interactive for all to enjoy.

Where to Compete in Apple Pie Contests

If you are interested in visiting or participating in an apple pie baking contest, the first place you will want to check is with your local county fairgrounds or farmers markets. Both of those venues often feature apple pie or dessert baking contests annually. In some cases there are entry fees for participants, and if the venue is especially high in demand, then there may also be a general entry fee for spectators as well. If you are unable to find any up and coming venues for a baking contest on a local level, then check in your statewide newspaper, as there may be contests held on a state or national level. Unfortunately at this time we don't host information about current baking contests, as there are generally so many of them happening at all times of the year, that it would be next to impossible to decide which ones to publish articles or news about.

Be Sure to Create an Original Apple Pie

If you plan to enter an apple pie baking contest, then do make sure that your apple pie is your own original recipe. Judges will generally favor originality in the recipe, and always seem to look for something that fits, yet is off the beaten path at the same time. I've seen it all at apple pie baking contests, for example I've seen an apple pie stuffed with glazed spaghetti noodles, apple venison pie, apple pie topped with beef jerky bits, apple pie with caramel popcorn crust, apple pie with bubble gum, and even apple pie with black licorice crust. In some cases however, individuals will just submit a regular apple pie into the contest, yet it is one that has been perfected to such a level, that it borders on rocket science. It's generally these highly perfected standard apple pies that have their exact recipes guarded under lock and key, and for good reason.

The Best Prize in Contesting

The best prize you can win at any baking contest, is the rights to sell your recipe outright, or collect permanent royalties on it. At many national and state level contests, there are representatives from commercial entities sent to scout out new potential product lines. So if you feel you really have a winner with any particular recipe, then by all means keep the secret closely guarded, as you never know who might be interested in it. I have had friends who were approached with generous cash payments for exclusive rights to recipes, so these things do happen quite frequently, and are hardly unheard of. So if you are really serious about baking, be sure to look into all of the opportunities out there, especially those offered through various baking contests. Although I participate in them to have fun, I do silently dream of selling some of my creations down the line.