Amish Sour Cream Apple Pie


6 Cups Of Fresh Chopped Skinless Sweet Green Apples

1 Premade Double Crust Pie Pastry

1 Teaspoon Of Certified Organic Apple Pie Spice

1 Cup Of Fresh Cold Sour Cream

1 Teaspoon Of Liquid Vanilla Extract

1 Large Whole Fresh Beaten Egg

3/4 Cup Of White Superfine Cane Sugar

1/4 Cup Of Cold Unsalted Real Butter

1/4 Teaspoon Of Fine Ground Table Salt

2/3 Cup Of White All Purpose Baking Flour

1/2 Cup Of C&H Dark Brown Sugar


Nutritional Information:

Serving Size 8

533 Calories Per Serving

22 Grams Of Fat


Preparation Instructions:

I would like to send out a warm thank you to Lacey of Purvis, Mississippi for sending in this amazing Amish sour cream apple pie recipe.

To get started, please preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or 204 degrees Celsius.

Next prepare a nine inch pie pan, and then line it with the bottom premade crust layer, fitting it nicely into place.

Next take out a large mixing bowl, and then add in the cold sour cream and large whole fresh egg, beating these ingredients thoroughly. Next gradually stir in one third cup of white all purpose baking flour, fine ground table salt, and liquid vanilla extract. Briskly stir these ingredients together until you have a smooth and creamy pie filling batter. You are now all set to stir in your fresh chopped skinless sweet green apples, making sure they are evenly coated in the creamy batter.

For the next step you will want to spoon the apples into the pie dish, evenly spreading them out. You should place the top pie crust pastry layer over the pie, then bind it with the bottom layer. Be sure to cut several slits into the top pie crust layer so that it can breath. Neatly flute the edges to seal off the pie filling.

Next take out a second mixing bowl so that you can prepare the crumb topping. Add into the bowl the brown sugar, cold unsalted real butter, two thirds cup of white all purpose baking flour, and the single teaspoon of apple pie spice. Vigorously stir these ingredients together until a crumbly topping forms. You will now want to glaze the top of your pie with a little leftover butter, then gently press the pie topping into it. Build a nice even layer of the topping.

Lastly, slide the pie into the oven to bake for half an hour, or until the crust is golden brown, and the apples are tender and juicy.